Understanding Herbal Medicines in the 21C

Author: Sudha   Date Posted:24 October 2018 

It is a sad fact of life that vested interests within our established medical fraternity are intent on disparaging many alternative and complementary forms of healthcare. Many doctors, backed by their corporate pharmaceutical masters, are quick to denigrate and belittle things like herbal medicine. Talk of quacks and snake oil salesmen proliferate our media, especially when a rare report of a health issue involving alternative healing surfaces. The thing to remember is that understanding herbal medicines in the 21C is very different to the historical use of medicinal herbs from our past. In today’s world, herbal medicines are manufactured to the highest standards and utilise state of the art technology. We are not talking about witches in the forest brewing up foul concoctions on their hearth stoves.

Sourcing the Finest Quality Botanicals

Understanding herbal medicines in the 21C, acknowledges that Australian companies have been manufacturing herbal extracts to rigorous standards for over three decades. They source the finest quality botanicals and produce highly efficacious remedies for a variety of conditions and illnesses. Many Australian manufacturers are exporting their herbal medicines to countries around the world to great acclaim. The market for these complementary medicines exists because they are appreciated by tens of thousands of people globally. Organic plants are playing a big part in the success of this burgeoning local industry. Pure medicinal herbs in specifically designed formulas for a variety of health issues.

Nature Contains Many of the Answers We Seek

Nature contains many of the answers that we seek to balance our wellbeing. Many of us are out of balance because we have poor diets, which lack unprocessed natural foods. For too long modern medicine has wilfully ignored the role that diet has on our health. Too many ‘so called’ smart people have thought that they could fix everything with a pill. Whereas, in fact, many of today’s chronic conditions are not responding to the pharmaceutical drugs proffered by GPs. Herbal medicines can play an important role in helping re-establish that necessary balance in our lives.

We Can Be Healthier & Happier

We can learn a lot from the healers and herbal remedies from our past. What is doubly wonderful is that we can improve the quality and efficacy of these herbal medicines via our modern technologies. We can have the best of both worlds. We can be healthier and happier within ourselves. We can let nature provide the health solution that we require to heal our self.

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