About Us

The Pharma Botanica journey began when co-founder Melissa was 27 years of age, running her own magazine in Singapore. Like a lot of women, she developed acne, something you thought you would never see again after teenage years.

Melissa tells the story, "Enhancer found me and it changed my life in so many ways. Enhancer is a simple recipe of plants for hormone balancing that has been handed down through 4 generations of naturopaths. It set me on a path not only for my skin, but on a journey of discovery into the long history of traditional healing. I am truly grateful for all the knowledge I have now. After 21 years of study, research and working with pratitioners of natural medicines, I have a profound respect for the body's ability to heal itself and for the plants that have been given to us to help us achieve this."

Co-founder, Paul's background is Information Technology. He has been a country manager for international software and hardware companies. Paul turned his back on his successful career to establish Pharma Botanica with Melissa.

Paul says, "I saw the dramatic change in Melissa when she discovered botanical medicines and I too experienced the incredible benefits myself. We have both spent the last 21 years building Pharma Botanica from one product into the trusted brand it is today."

Paul and Melissa's philosophy at Pharma Botanica is simple:
Nature has always provided the answers.

Humanity exists in the contexts of the entire planet. All these levels work together in a dynamic and integrated system. As does your own body.

At Pharma Botanica, the medicinal plants are sourced from their natural habitat, from around the world.

The naturopathic remedies from Pharma Botanica only contain pure whole herbs, slowly dried, crushed and encapsulated. This is the way nature intended. This is what has been historically documented as our medicines for a millennia.

Pharma Botanica is a proudly Family owned Australian company founded by the Gribble family in 1996.

It's comforting to know that In todays fast paced technological world, we can make a real difference to our health and well-being. It's often the simplest of things in life that are often the best. Nature really does provide the answers. It's always been there for us, and with Pharma Botanica it still is.