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Author: Sudha   Date Posted:14 November 2018 

Many of the tertiary degrees available for Naturopathy in Australia are accredited as a Bachelor of Health Science. Notice the term ‘science’ in the name of this degree. There is science in the study and practice of natural health in the 21C, despite what some critics would have you believe. There is science and technology utilised in the manufacture of herbal medicines in Australia. In fact, we have one of the best complementary medicine manufacturing industries in the world today. We make natural health supplements and complementary medicines to the very highest standards. So, what is new in natural health science in 2018?

African Leaf Extract Naturally Controls Brain Seizures

Medical science researchers at the University of California have discovered the molecular basis for the therapeutic action of an ancient herbal remedy used across Africa. This herbal medicine was used to treat a range of illnesses including epilepsy. It is sourced from a leaf extract of the Mallotus oppositifolius shrub and it has been traditionally employed to control seizures in human beings. The researchers have discovered that two of the components in the leaf extract activate a potassium ion channel controlling electrical activity in the brain. It seems that in this instance, an ancient natural health remedy is based on sound science.

Green Tea Compound Can Save Lives

Green tea may hold the answers for the prevention of deaths from heart attacks and strokes. A new study from Lancaster University and the University of Leeds has shown that a compound within green tea can reduce the build up of dangerous protein plaques in blood vessels. Atherosclerosis causes deaths from heart attack and stroke in human beings, and it is these protein plaques, which are the culprits. Fatty materials in our arteries reduce the flow of blood to our hearts and brains. Green tea may also help reduce cognitive impairment. Keep drinking that green tea.

Zinc Can Assist with Anti-Ageing

Zinc can assist in anti-ageing, as ageing is caused, in part, by oxidative stress. Zinc can protect human beings against the superoxide degrading our bodies. Zinc, when taken with a compound found in wine, coffee, tea and chocolate, can do some very good work. When zinc and hydroquinone combine, they create a metal complex, which imitates a superoxide dismutase enzyme. These enzymes protect our bodies from the degrading effects of oxidation. This research has been carried out by the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg.

These are just some of the great new natural health science discoveries worth taking note of in 2018.

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